Whether you’re drawn to the energy of being aboard a luxury yacht, the calm of sparkling infinity pools in a private villa, the challenge of world-class golf, the search for the biggest fish, the fast-paced nightlife, or the call of adventure, your Los Cabos, Mexico story is yours to tell and define.

Today, there are a myriad of things to do in Cabo for families, larger groups, or to celebrate an intimate vacation getaway.

With over one-hundred land and sea activities at your disposal for things to do in Los Cabos, Mexico, we highly recommend consulting with your travel advisor about creating a personalized itinerary. While on vacation, we also recommend a full-service concierge package to assist you and your guests when coordinating all activities in a flawless manner.


Cabo San Lucas is famous for its fresh seafood, endless parties, and luxury villas, but without the tropical Cabo San Lucas beaches, the destination wouldn’t be the same.

Cabo San Lucas is located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez, creating strong currents and rough waves, which causes most travelers to ask “Can you swim in the ocean in Cabo?” To enjoy the beauty of the water, do a little research and jump in at one of the swimmable beaches in Cabo, or at others, simply enjoy the view while relaxing on the shore.

The 10 Most Popular Beaches within the Los Cabos area:

  1. Medano Beach
  2. Chileno Beach
  3. Lover’s Beach
  4. Divorce Beach
  5. Santa Maria Beach
  6. Las Viuda
  7. Cerritos Beach
  8. Playa Costa Azul
  9. Palmilla Beach
  10. Playa Bledito

Cabo Nightlife

The Cabo San Lucas nightlife attracts travelers from all over the world to let their hair down and celebrate. Friends and family come here for birthday getaways, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and simply for a beach vacation. No matter what brings you here, the Cabo nightlife offers something for everyone.

By far, the most famous and well-known clubs are El Squid Roe, Cabo Wabo Cantina, Mandala, Jungle Bar and more. All of the clubs and bars are conveniently located within walking distance from one another in downtown Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.


Today, VIP fishing aboard a yacht or sport fisher including all of the luxurious amenities is both affordable and comfortable. Importantly, fishing is still the number one on the top things to do in Cabo.

Cabo is one of the few places in the world where a first-time angler might catch a massive Marlin on the first trip out. Beginning in June during a normal year, or when the water temperature has risen, blue and black marlin begin to make their presence known in a big way. The waters in and around Los Cabos produce marlin, dorado, and tuna in record numbers.

The consistent year-round black, blue, and striped marlin action has earned Cabo San Lucas the nickname of “The Marlin Capital of the World.”


Most visitors come to Los Cabos, Mexico to enjoy the beach and party. However, it won’t take long before you start itching for a round of golf. The area is home to some of the most beautiful championship golf courses in all of North America.

It’s no wonder golfers can’t resist the lure of Los Cabos. There are a host of beautiful courses designed by such names as Nicklaus, Weiskopf, Norman, and Tiger Woods that stretch along the scenic 25-mile corridor between Cabo san Lucas and San José del Cabo. Once you step out onto the first tee in this golfers’ paradise you will soon discover why Golf Digest declared it one of the world’s top 15 golf destinations.

There are a total of 16 incredible golf courses in Los Cabos, Mexico. Whether you want something easy or challenging, there’s something for everyone!

Please reserve tee times as far in advance as possible to ensure availability. 7 days advance notice is ideal to confirm your preferred dates and times. Please contact your travel advisor for reservations.

Luxury Yachting

Our sister-company is called Cabo Yacht Life. Our yachts are ranked as the #1 luxury yacht charter company in Los Cabos, Mexico. We create unforgettable memories on the Sea of Cortez in Baja California on one of our world-class private yachts.

We believe that a day spent out on the water here in Cabo San Lucas is usually the most fun, memorable experience of your vacation. We also believe that every person should have accessibility to VIP yacht charters.

See why we have over 230,000 followers on Instagram and why many celebrities have chosen to book our luxurious yacht charters.

We own our own yachts and don’t use any middlemen to refer us our clients, therefore we can pass the savings onto you, our guests. Typically, our prices are 20-40% less expensive than all other charter sites in Cabo.

Reserve a sunset cruise with friends, whale watching, swimming and snorkeling in exclusive bays, or we even offer multi-days and nights experiences called “live-aboards” exploring the Sea of Cortez. Each yacht offers beautiful design, spacious decks, and professional crews. We include everything from water toys to food to premium open bars.

We provide owner direct pricing and celebrity level fun!

Whale Watching

Every year between mid-December and early April, thousands of gray, humpback and other whales migrate from their Arctic feeding grounds to the warm waters off the Baja Peninsula to mate and give birth.

In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, you see mainly humpback whales. They’re the most active and fun to watch. Most are unaware that at varying points in the whale season from December through April, an astonishing six different species can be found in the surrounding waters.

From your luxury beachfront villa or home, you can often see whales right from the shore, spouting and jumping. Of course, there is no better experience than getting up-close-and-personal with whales during a private yacht charter.


Snorkeling is a great family activity and fun for everyone. In fact, snorkeling is one of the top things to do in Cabo. Consider snorkeling at Lover’s Beach, Medano Bay, Santa Maria Bay, and Chileno Bay.

The shimmering yellow sands of Lover’s Beach join with the rugged stone stacks of Pelican Rock on the northern side of The Arch at Land’s End, the main peninsula that juts out to divide the Sea of Cortez from the vast Pacific Ocean just south of Cabo San Lucas.

Santa Maria Bay isn’t just a fantastic place to get snorkeling in Los Cabos, Mexico. It’s also one of the prettiest beaches on the whole south coast of the Baja. Get ready for a sweep shimmering white sand and waters of impossibly turquoise blues, all hemmed in by headlands of rust-tinged stone and a few uber-lux hotels and villas.

The main public beach at Chileno Bay is unquestionably up there with best snorkeling in Los Cabos. Chileno Bay boasts a prime location on the Tourist Corridor. That puts it about 40 minutes cruising aboard a yacht from the Cabo San Lucas Marina.

Organizing a snorkeling trip is not complete without a fabulous VIP lunch while anchoring in one of the exclusive bays.

Dining and Gastronomy

Visitors to Los Cabos will find a sophisticated dining scene, one that offers much more than tacos and traditional Mexican fare. Although, local tacos are fantastic. Los Cabos is now a showcase for dining and culinary tourism with an increasingly diverse sampling of world cuisines, with great food available at a variety of price points.

Two major culinary trends have come to the forefront in Los Cabos during the past decade. Fusion cuisines are flourishing with both Michelin-star and private chefs. In recent years, the gastronomy choices lean more Pan-Pacific in orientation, as regional chefs have linked Los Cabos’ Pacific influence to diverse regional cultures.

On the other hand, there is also a very pronounced focus on fresh and local ingredients. Restaurants and private chefs create fascinating menus based from fresh local seafood to organically farmed produce. Many chefs source all their ingredients from regional fishermen, ranchers, and organic farming communities.

Private Chef Services: If you’re interested in a unique dining experience in the comfort and privacy of your villa or vacation rental, we are able to arrange a romantic dinner for two or a lavish evening for a crowd with our private chef services. Please contact your travel advisor or concierge to learn more about our private chef services and options.

ATV Tours

Complete ATV Motorcycle Off-Road Adventures atop state-of-the-art motorcycles are a very popular thing to do in Los Cabos, Mexico. Riders can be individuals or tandem and our suppliers offer the safest and most secure ATV tours at various locations in the destination.

All beginners and riders will be provided with special lessons. Certified guides will give advanced riders safety instructions and recommendations at the outset of all ATV tours.

Todos Santos Tour

One of Los Cabos’ most popular things to do in Cabo San Lucas is to take a trip to Todos Santos. Todos Santos is a sub-tropical oasis and the only coastal “Magical Town” in all of Mexico located along the Pacific Ocean in Baja California Sur.

To the east, the Sierra Laguna Mountain range receives abundant rainfall which flows and filters down into Todos Santos allowing organic farms, as well as groves of mangos, palm trees and papayas to flourish in what would seem to most as a harsh desert environment.

Besides its authentic colonial architecture and cobblestone streets, this picturesque gem of Mexico enjoys pure air, a pristine ocean and the best climate in North America with temperatures averaging 75-85 degrees year-round. Many of the original brick buildings have been transformed into hotels, art galleries, fine shops and gourmet restaurants.

At the hub of this Artisan town if the colorful and legendary Hotel California originally built in 1928 and eventually purchased and turned into a hotel by a man from China where it garnered even more popularity.

Todos Santos was initially founded as a Mission site in 1724. Later, it became a major sugar-cane producer for approximately 150 years until the 1950’s being exported to Japan and the United States as well as throughout Mexico. Presently, Todos Santos is known for its thriving culture, music, and arts scene.

Scuba Diving

Described by Jacques Cousteau as “The Aquarium of the World,” Los Cabos, Mexico is among the top places to Scuba dive worldwide. During your Scuba diving excursions, you will be in awe by the amount and variety of marine life. Combined with the spectacular underwater landscapes of cliffs and canyons, this location provides unforgettable dive experiences.

Our Scuba diver partners are PADI-certified divemasters and instructors to ensure that your diving is fun and safe. Some of the packages and diving expeditions require a minimum number of divers. For smaller groups, please contact your travel advisor and we will try to coordinate a larger group for the dive.

Zip Line Tours

In the mountains above Los Cabos, guests can rappel from sheer rock walls, brave the commando bridge, zip through extreme canopies tandem style and upside down before swinging high over the canyon on a “Pendulum.” Traversing the canyon on a series of exciting, extreme canopy lines in Cabo, including the longest and fastest line in Mexico, called the “Superman.”

Clocking in at 100 kph (60 mph) and over 4,000 feet in length (1,200 meters), the most popular Cabo San Lucas zip line tour will give you an exhilarating and breathtaking bird’s eye view of the awe-inspiring scenery of this UNESCO protected biosphere reserve.

The fun doesn’t end there! Prepare to get dusty as you off-road on your very own Polaris UTV, turning and weaving through our specially designed course built for maximum excitement. If you’re looking to experience adrenaline on extreme tours in Cabo San Lucas, please contact your travel advisor for additional details and booking information.

Art Walk

San Jose del Cabo is a much more relaxed, family-oriented and traditional Mexican town graced by its renovated idyllic main plaza. The original Mission site dates back to 1730’s, was rebuilt and moved in the 1940’s and is encompassed by a vast amount of historical Hacienda-style buildings housing colorful galleries today. The art galleries of San Jose tend to be concentrated on two main streets that traverse the main sections of town.

Each Thursday from 5pm to 10pm, visitors to Los Cabos browse the near 30 galleries which populate the downtown area. Local and international artists showcase their art in galleries as well as exhibits that will truly astonish. Art can be purchased and shipped to any location in the world as the galleries have grown in their sophistication over the years.

Before or after the Art Walk in the San Jose del Cabo area, most guests tend to enjoy a succulent dinner at one of the most sought-after restaurants in town. Top Mexican chefs are well known for their ability to take the simple local ingredients and transform them into works of art called “Mexican Fusion Cuisine”. These masters of gastronomy prepare pre- Hispanic dishes using modern techniques and new ingredients in a style called “Alta Cocina” (High Mexican Cuisine).

Horseback Riding

Cabo Villa Life provides guided Horseback Riding Tours for 2 hours offering a very rare mixture of golden beaches and desert creating a perfect blend for a unique experience. Surely, horseback riding along the pristine beaches in Los Cabos and picture-taking opportunities will last a lifetime.

Your bilingual guides are expertly trained, entertaining and extremely skilled at managing riders from every level from beginners to children to adults. The beautiful and diverse microclimates found in and around the destination such as rugged rock canyons to tranquil vistas of the Sea of Cortez will surprise even the most avid guests.

La Paz Cultural Tour

Your guide will pick you up at your villa, and begin a 2.5 hour drive along the Sea of Cortez towards La Paz, the state capital. Along the way to La Paz, you will take in the local flora and fauna, admire the panoramic view at Los Barriles, and visit San Antonio for Breakfast (not included).

The drive continues to El Triunfo, a colonial-era gold and silver mining town previously known as Real de Santa Anita. Next, follow a scenic drive along La Paz bay. Once in La Paz, you will visit the main plaza and Nuestra Senora de la Paz Cathedral, swim and visit Coromuel Beach and enjoy lunch at a local Restaurant.

On the way back to Los Cabos, your guide will take you along the Pacific Ocean side, where you can enjoy a spectacular sunset. Pass through the charming town of Todos Santos along its main street. The completely guided tour will end at your villa doorstep.

Swimming with Whale Sharks

Whale sharks don’t come near the cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, but this doesn’t mean you can’t swim with them when staying in Cabo. Our expert guides will take you on a two-hour scenic road to La Paz where then you will hop on a boat that will take you to the swim of your life with these gentle giants of the sea.

Our whale shark snorkeling excursion in La Paz is sure to be an unforgettable experience for you, and we are sure it has exactly what you are looking for. Enjoy the spectacle of your life with these amazing creatures with the help of professional bilingual guides.

Mountain Biking Tours

Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a first-time mountain biker, our mountain biking tours are an enjoyable way to experience the outback of Cabo. With your expert guides, you will be set-up on modern, all-terrain bikes, fitted just for you, and taken on an enjoyable ride down cactus-lined tracks to a stunning hidden beach overlooking the Pacific. Your ride ends with an authentic Mexican feast and celebratory drink.

Swimming with Dolphins

Two word-class facilities are available in Los Cabos. The Cabo San Lucas facility is conveniently located at the marina. The newer San Jose del Cabo location is situated in the Hotel Zone. Both offer excellent amenities and state-of-the-art facilities for the dolphins.

If you or your loved ones have ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins, here’s your chance to turn your dreams into reality. Swimming with dolphins offers people of all ages the rare opportunity to swim and play with beautiful Pacific Bottlenose dolphins while visiting Los Cabos, Mexico.

Outback and Camel Safari

The Outback & Camel Safari is an unforgettable eco-adventure. In small groups, your off- road Unimogs trucks take you deep into the heart of the Baja outback on a voyage of discovery and wonder. Spectacular views, knowledgeable guides, delicious cuisine and an exciting beach camel ride in Rancho San Cristobal make this an exclusive adventure in Baja. During the winter months, be sure to keep an eye out for humpback whales as they swim past the ranch.

Once at the ranch, your knowledgeable and entertaining guides will introduce you to the area and take you on a gentle nature walk through untouched desert vegetation and amongst indigenous flora and fauna for a true eco-educational experience.

Journey through the desert in an open-air Mercedes-Benz Unimog 4×4 truck and admire the sights along the way. As you travel through the Baja Outback, ancient cacti live in the sandy pathways which are home to a huge array of wildlife. Look out for the huge cara caras, foxes, deer, and chipmunks that live in the area.

Take a short drive on a cactus lined track to a breathtaking beach overlooking the Pacific for an exciting camel ride. Enjoy the spectacular view of the ocean and desert from atop the camel.

But your journey isn’t over yet. It’s on to a local ranch, where you’ll have a chance to catch your breath and savor some traditional Mexican cuisine. Enjoy a selection of authentic Mexican dishes, served with freshly made tortillas, secret recipe salsas and much more.

Also, you get to enjoy an educational and fun Tequila tasting session. Your guide will teach you how this Mexican alcohol is made and about the different types of tequila. You will also taste Mezcal, the one with the worm, and learn how it is different from Tequila.


If there’s one activity that is synonymous with the tropical paradise destinations that surround the Pacific Ocean, it’s surfing. Los Cabos is the home of surfing on the Baja Peninsula, and one of the world’s biggest surfing events is held right on the shores of our beautiful beaches.

As Cabo is a meeting point of two major bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, the movement of water and distinct weather systems can create unique and exciting conditions in the surf. The beauty of the destination means that you can go from the Pacific side to the Sea of Cortez side in just over an hour’s drive in some places.

Wherever you decide to surf, you will experience completely different water conditions. The weather is nearly perfect year-round which means it’s also very unlikely that you’ll face bad conditions or a bad day’s swell.

As a general rule, the best spots for surfing are the East Cape, around San Jose del Cabo at Costa Azul and around Todos Santos or Cerritos Beach. Our travel advisor can assist you with everything from surf lessons for beginners or help you find the best locations for surfing experts.